Q: What kinds of records are exempt from disclosure?

A: Common types of records exempt from disclosure include those that pertain to an ongoing investigation, are under attorney/ client privilege, are under copyright, are drafts, donor names and/or identifiers, driver’s license numbers, earnings statement data, personal information for employees, students, clients, victims, and witnesses, whistleblower information, evaluative job performance comments and/or ratings, exams and test questions, financial account numbers, health care information, human subject names and identifiers in research, job applicant information, juvenile information, lists of individuals for commercial purposes, not identifiable records, social security numbers, usernames and passwords, valuable research data, trade secrets, proprietary data, and WSU ID numbers. This list is not exhaustive. For additional information about redactions and the Public Records Act visit the Public Records Act legislative page.


Q: Who can submit a Public Records Request?

A: Anyone can submit a Public Records Request.


Q: How do I request a public document?

A: You can use this web portal to submit a public request to Washington State University (WSU). Select “Make Request” from the main page and fill out the form to create an account. The form will include an area for you to describe which records you would like to request. The WSU Public Records Office will communicate with you and provide the records to you through your NextRequest account.


Q: What if I no longer need the requested document?

A: If you no longer need your requested records and would like to close the request, simply log in to your NextRequest account and send the WSU Public Records Office a message stating you would like to close the request.


Q: Do I have to give a reason for my request?

A: No, you are not obligated to state why you are requesting the records.


Q: When will I receive a response to my Public Records Request?

A: Once your request has been submitted the Public Records Office, will contact you through NextRequest with an estimated response date. However, more time may be required to fulfill the request. You can check the current estimated response date by logging into NextRequest and selecting your request.


Q: How do I access my request once I have submitted it?

A: Once your request is submitted, Next Request will send a message to the email you provided indicating that your request has been received. To access your request you can follow the link provided in the email and login to your request or login through the Next Request main page at wsu.nextrequest.com and select your request from the list.


Q: What fees are involved in making a Public Records Request?

A: The Public Records Office charges in accordance with a fee schedule. A deposit may be required. All costs must be paid within 30 days of invoicing. Requesters may ask for a summary of charges before copies are made. If the requester only wants to inspect records not requiring redaction and does not want a copy, there is no charge. During inspection of the records, University personnel will be present with a person who views the records to ensure protection of the records and to maintain the order of the records.


Q: Am I required to use Next Request to submit a Public Records Request?

A: No, Next Request is provided as a user-friendly portal for both the requester and the WSU Public Records department; however, a public records request can also be submitted in person at or mailed to the WSU Public Records Office (French Administration Building Room 225, Mail Code 1225, Pullman, WA 99164-1225) or by emailing the Public Records Office (wsu.pubrecords@wsu.edu).


Q: Who should I contact if I have any questions?

A: Should you have questions about your request or about NextRequest, please call the WSU Public Records Office at 509-335-3928 or contact our office via email at wsu.pubrecords@wsu.edu.